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by Chef Allan

There are a number of low carbohydrate diet methods, including dr. atkins diet, carbohydrate addicts diet, sugar busters, and Zone. We're on variations of the Atkins diet. 

I recommend reading the Dr. Atkins diet book. But here is my understanding of Atkins high protein low carbohydrate diet.  It's not low fat or really high protein, it's a low carbohydrate diet. Atkins says it's not fat that makes us fat (and unhealthy) - it's  carbohydrates.  He says carbohydrates are basically sugars, whether they're in the form of breads, starches, sugar, or whatever, and those sugars turn to fat.  Most people consider the diet to be high-protein and high-fat, because they eat more protein and fat to make up for their low carbohydrate diet.  I think while that can be, I don't think it needs to be.  I think it just needs to be low carbohydrate. I know of vegetarians on the Atkins diet, who don't even have cheese or butter. As I understand it, you cut out sugars, caffeine, and alcohol completely (I cheat on coffee sometimes and still manage weight loss), and restrict any "carbohydrate-laden" foods. The Atkins low carbohydrate diet is the first one that worked permanently for us and many others I've met or talked to.   

y dad was on a low fat diet for over 15 years, and kept gaining weight and having heart trouble.  Then, a few years ago I saw Atkins interviewed on TV.  Our family has always been health and fitness oriented, and take a "where's the facts" approach to the latest fads. So it's hard to impress or convince us.  Yet everything Atkins had to say, convinced me.  Here was an MD, a heart surgeon, promoting a diet to prevent heart surgery. He was attacked by other doctors and diet experts.  He said thousands of patients came to him for heart surgery, but he'd put people on his diet (the Atkins Diet) first - and then he wouldn't need to operate!  Either that's real  impressive, or he's a liar!  But I don't think you could get away with such claims if you weren't really a heart surgeon, didn't really have those kinds of results, or they weren't true.   Then we read the Atkins Diet book, in which he insists you get blood tests for cholesterol and triglicerides BEFORE STARTING the Atkins Diet, and then again after you've been on low carbohydrate foods for a while.  How many other diets, supplements, etc.. tell you to get tested before and after to see what effect it's really having on you?

So my dad and I began our Atkins Diet. I didn't eat as many low carbohydrate foods because I'm diabetic, so I modified the Atkins Diet approach accordingly - more like the Zone Diet.  Dad had tried various diets, and kept gaining even on a very low fat diet.  He also developed heart problems, and other health problems.  He rarely got out of the house, and never exercised because he was so heavy and exhausted.  Interestingly, I noticed that most low fat/non fat products had more sugar than normal foods.  With the Atkins diet and HGH oral spray (human growth hormone recommended by his MD for weight loss and general health), he's been consistently losing weight since '99, and his heart hasn't "acted up" since.  Again, I can't say this is totally the reason, or that it will do it for anyone else, all I know FOR SURE, is what I've seen and experienced.   

Then I started taking an interest in all the new goodies and possibilities, from a diabetic standpoint.  Before you know it, Low Carbohydrate Yummies cafe, markets and webstore was born.

One of the biggest problems on any diet is the depravation of food you like or want to eat, and also being hungry.  I believe Atkins says his low carbohydrate diet reduces hunger because your able to eat the fats and proteins, and because your body goes into "Ketosis" (a state where your body starts breaking down your own body fat for energy, instead of craving it from food).  But there's still the desires for goodies. When we first got the Atkins cookbook, he talked about foods like sugar free low carbohydrate chocolate syrup, etc.. But we couldn't find it anywhere, or reach Atkins.  But as we kept researching we both found great yummy goodies, and developed many ourselves.  Now we have so many great low carbohydrate foods, like low carbohydrate chocolates, sugar free candy, breads, chips, low carbohydrate pizza, etc. - all low carbohydrate or no-carbohydrate, that there is no need to sacrifice.  You can have your low carbohydrate cake and eat it too! So sticking to the Atkins Diet or any low carbohydrate diet is now a breeze. And that is important because a diet that works permanently is a lifestyle change.  So here we are with all the low carbohydrate goodies you need to preserve your new lifestyle - I hope you find them as helpful to sticking to this diet as we have.           

As with any diet or exercise program, always check with your doctor first.  

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FDA DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this website has not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individuals suffering from any disease or illness, should consult with a physician or health care professional. Always check with your physician before starting any diet, changing it, or taking supplements/drugs.


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