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no/low carbohydrate diet bake mixes

[low carbohydrate diet bake mixes, including dr. adkins diet mixes, are compromises in my opinion, unless you get creative. Then they can be VERY tasty and filling. They tend to be dry, so add low carbohydrate syrups, butter, sauces, frostings, etc. My family and I love the no carbohydrate waffles, with lots of butter and our no carbohydrate, splenda sweetened pancake syrup. We’ve also made some interesting low carb recipes with sweetened and flavored mix dough, deep fried. We stuffed some with our low carb fruit spreads. We use the chocolate flavored mix at the café, for pecan brownies and a 3-layer, 3-flavor (using 3 flavors of syrup) Tiramisu.]

LOW CARB YUMMIES RATING: 2 to 5 stars depending on what you do with it.

Plain vanilla no carb bake mix - slightly sweet
Soy Protein Isolate with slight splenda sweetening and vanilla flavor.  Use to make pancakes, pie crusts and more. Recipes are on the canister. Nutritional Information

ON SALE! G2113V, 1 lb. canister - Just $ 11.99: Quantity

Chocolate no carb Bake Mix
Great general bake mix with ZERO CARBS. Use for making low carb cookies and chocolate cake. Recipes are on the canister.

ON SALE! G2113C, 1 lb. canisters - Just $ 11.99: Quantity

Low Carb Bake Mix - Plain



Zero Carb Pancake Syrup

Rich maple flavor.  Excellent with our zero or low carb pancakes.

750 ml Pancake Syrup -  $ 9.99: Quantity



low carbohydrate diet

Cookie/Brownie Mixes




Keto Chocolate Fudge Cookie/Brownie Mix

We prefer to make the brownies over the cookies with this mix...Options; add a  Da Vinci Flavored Syrup,  sour cream or cream cheese right into the mix for moist and delicious brownies. Don't forget the nuts and fresh whipped cream flavored, with one of our delectable syrups.  See our secret LCY low carb diet foods recipes cookbook  for Chef Allan's Double chocolate peanut butter decadence, which uses this mix as a base.

Makes 18 brownies, 2 carbs each.


Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Mix

A traditional treat...Add a Da Vinci Flavored Syrup (hazelnut works nicely) and some nuts to make these cookies moist and yummy!

Makes 36 cookies.

  #GM4065 Choc. Fudge   - Just $ 9.99: Quantity

  #GM4066 Oatmeal Raisin   - Just $ 9.99: Quantity


Perfect for all low carbohydrate diet needs like the atkins diet, carbohydrate addict's diet, zone, sugar busters, protein power, neanderthin, and diabetic food use.




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