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Chef Allan (I’m his Dad) developed diabetes when he was a teen. It was hard sacrificing junk food, so he began creating his own low carb diabetic recipes and sugar free treats. 

As an adult, he created gourmet quality low carb recipes for entrees, and sugar free recipes for desserts, chocolate and candy.  In Hawaii, he crafted special low carbohydrate recipes for the popular " Pacific Rim Cuisine".  Chef Allan's diabetic diet approach enhances all low carb/high protein diets.

Below are his best low carbohydrate recipes for those on a low carbohydrate diet, plus sugar free diabetic recipes for those with diabetes (and those on a low carb diet with a sweet tooth). 

Allan hopes revealing his low carb recipes will make new friends & customers, and he’d appreciate you visiting Low Carb Yummies for all your low carbohydrate diet and sugar free diabetic diet needs Oh, I'm on the Atkins Diet too (read my and Allan's story in "about us").


Many low carbohydrate recipes-sugar free diabetic recipes are disappointing, including the atkins diet recipes.  The Low Carb Yummies menu must please Chef Allan, and his patrons.  Thus all his recipes are gourmet quality and so good that even fussy non-dieters won’t even know they’re eating sugar free low carbohydrate diet foods.

Some of our best family recipes are also here, including my Italian grandmother’s 200 year old (at least) traditional Lasagna, & Manicotti.  

How good are these recipes?  Many of the customers at Low Carb Yummies café are not on a diet at all, they just eat there because the food is so good.  So you can make meals for the entire family, and no one will ever suspect you’re making something good for them. 

IMPORTANT - Proper Seasoning/cooking 

Even some popular low carb recipes/atkins diet recipes are lousy. We low carb dieters have long needed a professional chef's help (but a good one like Allan). I’ve eaten my share of gourmet cooking, and often, the chef hasn’t learned how to properly balance flavors. And in trying to "one-up" other chefs, they often make horrible concoctions in which certain herbs or flavors overbear and ruin the food.  

The secret to great gourmet cooking is the balance of seasonings, flavors and sauces. This is particularly vital to low carbohydrate diet foods and the Atkins Diet. They make the difference between a boring diet, and a highly enjoyable one.  

Chef Allan spent years developing awesome low carb seasoning blends to bring "zing" to his diabetic recipes, and the low carb recipes served at his bistros/cafes.  Far more savory and delicious than ANY seasonings I've ever had, Chef Allan's herbs & spices are complex, elaborate, and perfectly blended to enhance the flavor of the food - not dominate it with the flavors of the herbs & spices.  When used properly, your food just tastes far better, rather than tasting like yucky herbs overpowering bland food. 

Now you can use his secret blends to give a professional finish to everything you cook or eat - from fast food, to the most elaborate gourmet fare.  Make boring meats, veggies and salads really enjoyable!  You'll even take them to restaurants!  Nothing does more to give your low carbohydrate recipes that professional chef flare. 

When you read many of the following low carb recipes, you'll understand how important seasonings can be - and wait till you taste these amazing seasoning blends!!!  NO preservatives/MSG.  Since so many of his low carb diabetic recipes use his seasoning blends, Chef Allan is offering a special introductory offer on a complete set at a big discount (see our no carb seasonings page) 


Yes, you may share this eBook low carb cookbook with friends and print it out for personal use!!! Email it to your dieter friends via the handy link at top of page - they will love you for it!  

It is copyrighted and recipes patented, so reproducing it or these recipes in any form (other than passing it on to your friends for free as stated above, or printing it out for personal use) is prohibited without our permission.  Also, food made using the recipes may not be used for any commercial venture without our permission. 

© 2000 Low Carb Yummies.  All rights reserved.

 Measurement abbreviations:
T – tablespoon
t – teaspoon
c - cup

Note: We have found that many measuring spoon sets are quite inaccurate. Get a good set, and test it if you want recipes to come out right, and carbohydrate counts to be accurate.


Low Carb Desserts & Chocolate Treats

Chef Allan’s Mom’s Dream-Easy Cheesecake

Low Carb Yummies Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Decadence

Chocolate Balls

Low Carb Yummies Chilled Chocolate Pecan Fudge

sugar free Toasted Marshmallow blobs

Italian Delicacies

         Traditional Lasagna



Chili – turkey-bacon or vegetarian

Burritos & Tostadas


Sauces, Dips, Dressings, etc.

            Allan's Ginger Peanut Oriental House Dressing 

            Low Carb Yummies Hickory Smoke Cheese Dip!

Low Carb Yummies Roasted Garlic Flavor Ranch Dip

Low Carb Yummies Spicy Wasabi Sauce

Low Carb Yummies Personal Mayonnaise (what we eat at home)

            Chicken Gravy

Low Carb Yummies Pizza Sauce


Low Carb Yummies Creamy Spinach Omelet

Mama Maria’s Italian Zucchini omelet


Low Carb Yummies Smoked Albacore Tuna Salad Mix 
(Used for Sandwich Wraps, Tuna Salads, Dips)

Yummie’s Cobb Salad (3 carbohydrates)

Oriental Shrimp Salad (3 carbohydrates)


            Chef Allan’s Secret Sauce (for wraps & sandwiches)

Smoked Albacore Tuna Wrap

Yummies Cheese & Veggie Wrap

Yummies BBQ Turkey Wrap

Hot Ham and Swiss (4.5 carbohydrates)

Chef Allan’s Pizza Wrap (4.5 carbohydrates)


French Cuppuccino™

           Hot French Cuppaccino™ &Iced French Cuppaccino™   -Yummies own special coffee treat (read about coffee & the Atkins Diet)

Fruit Smoothies

         Low carb Fruit Smoothies

Tamari/Sesame Roasted Almonds

        Roasted Tamari Nuts


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These Recipes Courtesy . Please visit us for all your low carbohydrate needs.



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