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Stress Relaxation and Self Help Mind Tools 

Portable "Vibrating Pager" Goal Setting Success Motivator - An extraordinary self help tool. In fact, changing your thought patterns for self improvement has never been easier. It automatically "reminds you" of anything, by silently vibrating at whatever time intervals you choose. Remember throughout the day to: Relax; Drink water; Do a positive affirmation; Take a pill; Breathe deeply;  much more.

Mega Motivator for computer users - software that works in the background on your computer to program your subconscious to help lose weight or attain success with any goal! Easy, Simple & Automatic! 

"Affirmation Station" alarm clock - OUT OF STOCK. 

Program your subconscious mind for weight loss (or anything else) during that special "receptive" state between sleep and waking.  Record your own affirmation into this beautiful wood hi-tech "clock", then let it progressively lull you to sleep (repeats what you recorded and keeps getting quieter over 10 minutes) and wake you up with it (starts real quiet, keeps getting louder, then finally goes to bells if you don't get up).  













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