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Chef Allan is a diabetic who developed delicious low carb foods & treats for his Low Carb Yummies Cafe
(Loved by low carb dieters and non-dieters alike). His recipes & low carb foods are now available online!
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Atkins diet claims have finally been proven by legit clinical studies (reported on CNN 12/2002). So amongst all the "bull-hype of other diets, ours were "for real", right? SO IS THIS!!! We're obviously into low carbohydrate - sugar free diets. But when an MD/PhD dieter/customer, told us about HGH (human growth hormone) and weight loss self-hypnosis tapes (the doctor's own hypnosis tapes - CDs - click there or order them here), we were stunned by the results. So you can believe me when I tell you that they're the greatest things my family have found for weight loss and health EVER - effortless, and perhaps more important than any diet, if you're over 30. HGH is a natural substance your body makes.  

The HGH (human growth hormone) oral spray she uses (and we use), and her weight loss hypnosis tapes are amazing. Tried hypnotism with no success? Use the doctor's "super version" with scientifically proven "brainwave entrainment vibrational sounds" to get it deep into your subconscious. It all has a satisfaction money back guarantee, so what can you lose?. 

But they take time, so don't forget our delicious low carb foods and candy while you're waiting for it to "kick in". Who knows, you may not even need to diet as much anymore, and I'll lose your business, but I'm obviously in it because I care, not money, so if you only get one thing for your diet - get those!!!  

HGH (human growth hormone) has been studied and used safely since the 1950's! It becomes a key to anti-aging and immune functions after you grow up.  It was illegal in the US, and then so expensive, it was "a secret of the rich & famous". Now everyone can afford it. See my page about our experiences with HGH, and a bit of info. 

NEW!!! Software works in the background on your computer, to program your subconscious to lose weight! Effortless! Automatic! 
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low carb foods and sweeteners
for diabetics and those on a low carb diet.

While many low carb foods are sugar free, they may not be appropriate for diabetics. And not all diabetic foods are appropriate for a low carb diet. Those on a diabetic diet, need carbs, in a certain balance. According to Chef Allan's doctors, diabetics should not go into ketosis, but should keep a tight reign on their carb intake, because the carbs turn into sugar. Chef Allan also uses a sweet herb called stevia as a health supplement. Click here to order or learn more about stevia & splenda.

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REAL effortless weight loss via HGH? See my human growth hormone page human growth hormone, or hgh human growth hormone .org

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Carb count accuracy is important to us because we are diabetics and dieters ourselves. The carbohydrate amounts given are "to the best of our knowledge".  Most are from manufacturers.      

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